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These are some of the services we offer


Bulk SMS Service & API

We provide fast, reliable, scalable and personalized SMS solutions which have multiple Services in one robust web interface like Transaction [Template Based] and Promotional SMS for your website, business, product marketing. Bhagyalaxmi Software Web SMS based Portal is very user friendly & easy to handle with all reporting tools. For promotional SMS DND number will be auto filtered (blocked) at our SMS gateway.

SMS Web Account

Using SMS Web account user will have all functionality from Sending single or bulk SMS to SMS Reporting with very user friendly flow.


For sending SMS from the website in case of transactional or other software media we provide SMS API which can be easily integrate.

Desktop SMS Sender App

For Sending SMS from personal computer we have made one Smart SMS utility which allow u to create your contact directory and send SMS.

Why Choose Us

  • Quick Delivery
  • Easy recharge
  • High reliability
  • Real time Delivery reports
  • No hidden cost
  • Outstanding support
  • Bhagyalaxmi Software offers high-end services at competitive rates.

We never forget caring for their clients after selling services once to them. We always stay in touch with our clients and provide them support & help at every stage of bulk sms marketing enabling them to achieve the best result. we have mainly clients from Retail Sector, Financial Sector Education Sector, Medical Sector, Trade Associations, Web developers And still growing into other sectors.

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